Eyebrow Shaping: How to draw perfect eyebrows suit face shape?

Eyebrow Shaping: How many different shapes?

Every person has its own eyebrows shape. I’m mentioning a list of Eyebrow Shaping, most common.

Flat eyebrows: Flat eyebrows are horizontally eyebrows. And as the name depicts are flat shape that make the face look shorter and more oval.

Form S: This shape gives a professional look and is perfect for faces with oval or square.

Small angle: It is distinct similar to, but slightly softer.

Long angle shape: This eyebrow Shaping is so good and tends to provide “youth.”

Rounded eyebrows: These visually softens the face. They help lower the strongest traits as pointed chin as well as angular or strong bone structure.

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Eyebrow Shaping: According to face shape

1- Round face:

The idea with this face is making it look visually more elongated. And  this can be achieved with eyebrows arched shapes, angles somewhat high. Yes, very careful with very flat or rounded eyebrows since they do not benefit at all.

2- Elongated face:

Beware arch your eyebrows by too high or too steep angles. Because this shape will look more visually and elongate your face. The ideal shape for your eyebrows is straight or flat eyebrows. As it will help to disguise the length of your face making your face look much wider.

3- Diamond Face:

Escape out flat eyebrows because they tend too much expand your face. The way for you is to get rounded eyebrows. As these basically give prominence to the shape thereof. And if you prefer you can also opt for slightly curved or arched eyebrows. Because such eyebrows reduce the width of your face.

4- Oval Face

This is the “ideal” face, so you have the option to choose flat, curved or rounded eyebrows etc. But, be much careful with too much sharp the angle. Because they can give your facial features expressions that do not go with you.

5- Triangular face:

Rounded eyebrows are ideal for this type of face. As it subtly accentuates the features of it. In a nutshell a rounded Eyebrow Shaping can accentuate the shape of your face.

6- Inverted/ heart triangle face

For this face round eyebrows are recommended. You can opt for a softly rounded eyebrows, this way you can balance your face. Don’t make your eyebrows too flat as this shape doesn’t go good with you.

7- Square Face:

The main goal with this face is to smooth the prominent features of it. And this can be done by extension or by diverting attention from the jaw. Gently angled or curved eyebrows with a little bow are good for this shape of face. Completely avoid a subtle curve, without much arch or a flat eyebrow.

NOTE: If still in doubt, it is best to visit to a specialist saloon and let your eyebrows get handled by the hands of a professional, so it will be easier. Remember that these are tips you can take into account, but not a rule that you must have to follow at every cost.

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