Facial hair removal: How many ways, which one is effective?

A woman has to face loads of worse comments if she visit anywhere with facial hair. We are not only talking about the mustache, chin, and eyebrows but also about sideburns, cheeks, forehead, temple etc. Facial hair removal is  a task of obsession for many women. We tell you all the ways you count up and can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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A vast majority of women have hairs on the lip, eyebrows, even chin hairs.  They may also appear elsewhere on the face, mainly by hormonal problems. This makes face wax a must using option for most women.

Facial hair removal requires different tools that women use on the rest of the body as well as on specific areas. That’s not the right thing to do. Because facial skin is much thinner and sensitive so we can’t apply any method of hair removal. We must find one that is effective and painless as well.

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Facial hair removal

– Tweezers: It is the quickest, most practical and economical option to remove facial hair. Its disadvantages are that they are only useful for women who do not have much hair on upper lip, chin and eyebrows. Also, use the tweezers leads much time consumption and patience.

– Hot wax: It has been for years the most common method of hair removal. Also, its effectiveness is quite high and can be done at home, which is not very expensive. Its main drawback is that the high temperature of the wax can cause skin irritation on the face.

– Cold wax:  It reduces the risk of burns, but instead has to pull harder so the possibility of injury is greater. The advantage is that you can do at the home. This category includes the depilatory strips.

– Hair Removal Cream: A practical method because you can do at home for little money and is not painful. But its main drawback is that it doesn’t remove hair from the root, but for times of emergency is a good choice.

– Bleach Cream: It’s used to lighten the color of hair, so that less noticeable but does not eliminate it. It is an option especially for women who do not have much hair.

– Electric hair remover: There are now also available face epilators. It removes hairs from the root, so you make sure it will last up to 4 weeks. It is a practical method because you do at home whenever you in need. But have the disadvantage that on sensitive areas can be annoying.

– Hair Removal thread: It’s an ancient technique that has its origins in India and ancient Persia. Procedure involves to remove hair with a cotton or silk thread. Although you’ll find online tutorials that teach you to do it. But if you want optimal results our recommendation is that you go to a beauty salon. It is a less invasive, more accurate and painless technique compared with other methods of hair removal. Although it can be applied to other areas of the face, gives very good results on the eyebrows.

– Laser Hair Removal: It’s the most effective method for women with thick hair and not just for the usual areas such as lip, chin or eyebrows. Over time laser hair removal has evolved and offers no pain. It is a feeling of warmth perfectly bearable. The hair on the female face called “hormodependiente, i.e., the result of depilation may be conditioned by hormonal dysfunctions. Therefore, the number of sessions for facial hair removal need at least 6 sessions. After 10 months of treatment, 70-80% effectiveness is estimated.

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