Fast Lose: 4 best healthy & low carb Salads

One of the most common problems for women are those extra kilos what they want to lose.   If you are one of them and want to show your best body in that bikini; following healthy & low crab salads are ideal for fast lose. Let’s review their recipes.

Fast lose,  low  carb  &  healthy  Salads

4-  Salad  recipe  for  Fast lose


1 or 2 red tomatoes

1 red pepper

6 slices of red beet

Three tablespoons of red beans

2 carrots

6 black olives

2 Mushrooms

3 leaves of green lettuce


Buy all ingredients and cut them perfectly so that they look attractive to the eye, Add a little salt, black pepper, lemon in small amounts, can accompany with a vinaigrette sauce to taste better.

3-  Salad  recipe  for  Fast lose


4 Endives

An Endive Leaves

Cherry tomatoes


Nuts, raisins…

Salsa Vinaigrette: for it dissolve the salt in a tablespoon of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of oil. Roquefort sauce: Dissolve 50 grams. Blue cheese with oil, add a little vinegar and salt, stir and leave in the fridge for an hour.


Wash thoroughly with cold water endives the trunk and the leaves. Now cut them into quarters.

Before serving, flavor it with vinaigrette sauce or one of the Roquefort sauces described above.

If you want to join, some leaves of endive, some cherry tomatoes can be combined seamlessly, even a diced apple and walnuts.

2-  Salad  recipe  for  Fast lose


A lettuce (or buds)

Endive or chicory

A bunch of watercress


Small cherry tomatoes

Palmito or thin white asparagus

Soft Dressing: pepper, oregano, parsley, even mint.

Salsa light vinaigrette: olive oil, salt, vinegar


Once the ingredients are bought, cut them the way you want, place them in a bowl in an attractive way to look at, and don’t forget to wash; use the fresh tomatoes to give a touch of color.

Add the vinaigrette and soft dressing; enjoy these salads to lose weight.

1-  Salad  recipe  for  Fast lose


1 package of radishes

1 packet of cherry tomatoes

1 apple

1 chicory

1 small package of smoked tuna and other smoked cod

Vinaigrette: olive oil, soft mustard, vinegar or lemon


Wash tomatoes and radishes. Cut the chicory into strips, thinly sliced radish, and tomatoes into halves. Mix all vegetables in a bowl and add salt and pepper.

Cut apple and grate. Add apple and pieces of smoked cod into small strips to the above.

Prepare the vinaigrette by beating all ingredients and sprinkle on the salad.

Salads should be an indispensable part of our daily diet and not just when we want to lose weight.  Therefore, there is a variety of them that can charm you and keep you healthy.

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