Foot care: Tips & tricks for having beautiful feet

Our feet are the basis that supports our entire body. In addition, we should have beautiful feet so that they look perfect and adorable  in sandals and shoes. Here I’m sharing few foot care tips and tricks. Follow them step by step to get  beautiful feet. Here’s you go;

Foot care tips  &  tricks

1. A good washing is mandatory. Wash your feet daily using warm water plus soap. Then rinse them with cold water, dry with a towel properly (make sure you also dry between the toes) and then apply moisturizer. There’s no limit that you only have to apply cream on feet but you can also apply on your legs and make them protective from the sun.

2. The second step towards foot care is, apply sunscreen to your feet before sun exposure, it’s compulsory if you’re walking in sandals. We usually forget to pay attention to our feet while exposing to the sun, and that’s a mistake towards sun damaged skin. However, attention is  required as the skin of the feet can suffer like any other area of our body.

3. Odor-free feet. To keep your feet dry and odor-free, get used to wearing talc or spray for feet. Use specially designed templates in your shoes.

4. Cut your nails properly. Cut the nails of your feet especially when leave the bathroom, after every 3 or 4 weeks. Cut them straightly, not too short, else your nails’ corners may get damage. If you exceed cutting with scissors, immersed feet in dilute vinegar with water to remove inflammation.

5. To soften the rough edges and to remove hardened heel skin, exfoliate your feet gently with a pumice stone. Then apply moisturizer. Before exfoliation, dip your feet in warm water for 10 minutes to feel relaxation and easier to remove the roughness and dead skin debris. Or you can dip with any homemade foot-softener.

6. To make them comfortable use comfortable shoes; do you often feel that the shoes you guys wearing are new or too tight? What you have to do is to buy shoes at the end of the day, because at that time the feet are usually bigger. Thus, the shoes that you buy would be good for you in this instance; also you will feel comfortable at any time.

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