You should cultivate 7 habits to be a happy mom

Today, I am going to share 7 habits to be a happy mom, these can help you enjoy motherhood and grow your relationships. Happiness comes from yourself as it can’t be purchased at the store. It all depends on your behavior and the way you act. So, lets know those 7 habits to be a happy mom.

Here you are!

1. Accept that you’re not perfect

If you’re tired, you can skip paragraphs or even whole pages when you read a story to your child before bedtime. Nobody is watching you, but remember that reading the bedtime story in bad mood can spoil the situation and your child might sleep crying. Would you like it?  Do not try to read it perfectly the way it is, but the way makes you happy. Perfection is not found in this world.

It’s not about just the bed time story, but some parents try to make their children do everything perfectly. Are you perfect? Your children don’t love your perfection, but your motherhood. it’s one of the 7 habits to be a happy mom.

mom-lying-on-the-floor2. Sit or lie on the floor to play

Babies and young children enjoy having you at their height. Try to spend time each day sitting or lying on the floor with your little ones, either reading books, playing or relaxing with them. Try to devote all your attention to them at that time, and so when you have to do other things you will not feel guilty.

3. Do smart work instead of working hard

It is impossible to have all shiny and perfectly organized when you have small children at home. It is preferable to spend your free time with your children cleaning and organizing, but with some cleaning tips domestic work will be easier. Do smart work, hard work makes us more frustrate.

4. Do not drive your children crazy to grow

Especially with the first baby parents often want them to grow fast. They want the baby to crawl soon, dream about when the baby says the first word, think about the day when the baby will eat solid foods, and dream that when will start walking. Then you send him/her college, later finds he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend, and then you start missing his/her first year.

What do you think that you missed here? You spend your life driving your child grow that a teacher could do as well, but you forgot to enjoy the motherhood. You missed the best part of your life that will never come back. Enjoy every stage of growth because it is unique and unrepeatable.

5. Do not forget your friends

Do not just interact with your friends who are also moms. Try to keep in touch with those who have no children. So you will talk about different things and not lose your identity. Use social networking sites and mobile phones, but do not limit yourself to the virtual contact. Occasionally ask your partner, your mother or a babysitter to take care of your children, and go out with your friends. Remember that too much of anything is bad, so taking occasionally never means daily or 3 times a week. Doing so can make you happy for a couple of months, but you will cry later like you never did before.

6. Care of your relationship

Do not let your chores and fatigue make distance between you and your partner. It’s you and your partner who brought the baby into existence, and if you make the excuse that you don’t have time because of the baby, you are cheating yourself. You can even ask your partner to join when you play with your baby (if he is free at home). Do you have a happy relationship as if your relationship with your partner is strong and lovable, your children will have good effect. Spend time with your loved one like you did earlier.

7. Find time for yourself

Always try to have proper rest, and then check that you will have more energy to devote to your children. If you do little struggle to find time for yourself , you will be more relaxed and happy mom.

And the most important thing what I said earlier as well: Everything is inside you, and you hold all the feelings (right or wrong, good or bad). Don’t let your emotion carry you, learn to control and be logical at times. There is no happiness without trouble.

God bless you and your family 🙂

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