How to fight grey hair by home remedies

Grey hair is one of the capillaries aesthetic problems that women often bother. These white hairs appear at a certain age of life as part of the natural aging processes of the body, but sometime young girls also meet this issue. Grey hair occurs when cells called “melanocytes” stop producing melanin, a pigment that gives colour to hair. With age and time this decrease amount of melanin resulting in the appearance of grey hair. They usually arise at early ages of life due to genetics, stress or various diseases.


The main quarry is how to dye or fight grey hair by home remedies or natural products or how to deal with white/grey hair naturally; today I’ll share with you some homemade recipes that can serve as an alternative of colouring as well as tinctures. Natural recipes perceptibly take longer showing effects, so you should have patience if you want to replace conventional treatments with natural or fight grey hair by home remedies.

Let’s first discuss how to stop growing more grey hair or fight grey hair by home remedies;

How to fight grey hair by home remedies?

onionOnions are not only useful to flavour dishes but massaging the scalp with onion juice can be excellent to stop grey hair. A study showed that catalase, an enzyme of onion decreases hydrogen peroxide which accumulates in the hair follicles and resulting to make hair grey.

Add copper to your diet, it’s very effective to fight grey hair by home remedies. This mineral is essential for producing the pigment that gives colour to hair. You can find it in the lentils, whole grains, avocados, almonds and soy flour. Also be sure to eat green leafy vegetables like spinach or cabbage.

avocadosAvocados contain minerals, fatty acids and vitamin E with restructuring, moisturizing and antioxidant properties that prevent aging hair; if you grind a ripe avocado and apply the paste on the scalp, leave for 20 minutes and rinse, will get effective results within a month.

Lack of iron in the diet can cause premature grey hair. Iron is obtained from foods helps producing melanin that gives colour to hair. It is found in celery, corn, nuts, spinach, carrots and cucumbers. Factors affecting the production of melanin is genetic or exposure to ultraviolet rays.

vitamin-b1Include in your diet foods or supplements rich in vitamin B. You can eat egg yolks, limb meat, whole grains or drink carrot juice. Grey hair in young people usually occurs because there is a lack of nutrition in their diets. A deficiency of vitamin B is one of the common causes of premature greying.

Which oils prevent premature grey hair?

Wheat germ oilThe wheat germ oil is an excellent natural product to nourish and hydrate the hair, it is also rich in Vitamin E. Blend wheat germ oil with other items such as yogurt plus honey, use as a hair pack, apply on dry hair for half an hour and do gentle massage until penetrate well. Its antioxidant properties prevent grey hair.

The seeds of Jojoba tree are rich in linoleic acid that helps regulate the generation of oil, and vitamin E which removes free radicals responsible for premature aging. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed on scalp, also its massage is a great way to give deep hydration and combat gray hair.

How to dye grey hair naturally?

Ivy LeavesThe ivy leaf extract is great to cover and give colour to gray hair. To prepare hair dye, just add 3 handfuls of ivy leaves in one liter of water, and cook over low heat for 1 hour. Let cool and apply once a week for half an hour.

The secret of healthy and vibrant hair is a healthy scalp and ginger is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicine plants, serves to increase circulation in the scalp and helps the growth of hair follicles. Just boil a cup of water and when boiling add grated ginger (2 inch piece). Simmer 15 minutes, let it cool down and apply on the scalp for ½ hour.

Walnut leavesWalnut leaves are one of the oldest dyes for colouring grey hair. The leaves contain juglone, a substance that is used as a dye in the cosmetic industry. Just boil water and when boiling add 2 handfuls of walnut leaves. Simmer 15 minutes, let it cool down and apply to the hair for half an hour.

Sage is one of the most popular herbs to dye hair, especially suited for dark coloured hair. To dye the grey hair, boil sage leaves for 30 minutes. Once cool put on the hair and leave for 30 minutes.

rosemaryThe use of Rosemary herb is another natural way to deal with grey hair; it contains high levels of caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid, two powerful antioxidants. The preparation is very simple; you just have to boil a handful of rosemary for 15 minutes, let it cool and apply on the hair without rinsing.

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