Tips & Tricks: Keep home environment pleasant & fresh

The smell often overshadows by the sight or hearing, though is the most promising way to determine our mood. Unlike other senses, the nose is always active. It is estimated that on average we breathe about 23,049 times a day. And with every breath not only air penetrates, but a multiplicity of things about our environment. It’s the importance of smell, and we can’t live in a room with smell of used sock, so need to keep home environment pleasant.

Good aroma of cookingGood aroma coming from the kitchen determines in most cases the delicious dishes we have prepared. Who does not remember that the home of a classmate smelled of pine pie or fried fish? Or that hardly approaching the door of the house of our beloved grandmother and smell of molasses buns make us pleased suddenly (or aroma of any dish we like most). Such kind of aroma keep home environment pleasant.

But it’s not nice when our home smells like broccoli, cuttlefish, beans, cauliflower, smelly socks, shabby area, carpet bad odour or any other worse aroma; when the refrigerator expels its indecipherable aromas and gets contaminated even the taste of the food inside, or when your microwave is forever soaked horrible smell of melted cheese or boiled eggs.

homeHowever to keep home environment pleasant is not impossible. There’s also does not exactly need to buy deodorants or perfumes, but you can use some natural tricks or essential oils to fill your home with exquisite fragrances. Having always pleasant aroma in home is something that we all love but can’t always be possible. Can’t always be possible? Why not? Let’s review the contents to get the answer;

candlesOne of the ways that you have on hand to flavour your home environment without any problem is, under the conventional stove carrying a small candle with fragrance. Designing or making candles is simple and can be a great activity for family. You only need wax, wicks and essential oils that you like. Surely these 3 ingredients will allow you have a great time! Furthermore, not only the candles will cologne your home, but also add beauty in home décor.

You can put a jar comprising of, a little water with different herbs or spices such as cloves, vanilla, lavender or mint, in addition to orange peels.

orangeAnother classic trick to cologne or keep home environment pleasant, is to spread a few drops of essential oils over your light bulbs/tube lights. Thus, when you turn on, heat will activates the fragrances and scatter all over your home.

Take boil water in a pan and keep in it lemon, orange, herbs or whatever you like as flavouring. You’ll see how suddenly the environment changes its fragrance.

Some other tricks to remove bad odour from home

candles2For the Fridge: Put a lemon cut into half plus baking soda and submerge in a glass of milk in the refrigerator, visible results will kill the odour.

For the microwave: Put lemon juice in a glass inside the microwave and let it to work for a minute, try to let it evaporate for few minutes.

For the environment: If you do fry and don’t like aroma, you should boil water with white apple vinegar and let it evaporate.

coffeeTo naturally flavoured home: clean the floors with a little water plus branches of thyme or rosemary. It will leave a delicious aroma.

To remove the smoke: To get rid of burning or smoking odour, you must keep in a container coffee powder or roasted coffee beans in the roaster. Odour will be end up very soon.

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