Cosmetics Effects: How cheap cosmetic harm our eyes?

I start my today’s topic ‘Cosmetics Effects’ as of daily cosmetics since they are safer and less aggressive for our skin, in extension, for our eyes. But still, there are certain times when, we apply an eye shadow or eye liner, eye irritation starts suddenly. Precisely at this area we must be extremely careful, for its specialty and sensitivity. Let’s review what problems we can suffer often while use cheap makeup for eyes. Here’re Cosmetics Effects of cheap one.

Cheap Cosmetics Effects

Possible problems

stye-eye-infectionItching or eye irritation, conjunctivitis and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) are the most frequent consequences due to direct application of incorrect or cheap eye makeup products. Extreme and unnecessary makeup will not only create annoying or uncomfortable effects but also chronic infections that can result various severe eye issues. Apart from these infections, the use of inappropriate or aggressive cosmetics can cause the appearance of styes and stress, eye redness or tearing. These are some really extreme Cosmetics Effects.

What is the solution?

eye-makeupWhen buying makeup or cosmetics, we must be aware that they are harmless products that you can apply directly to the skin or eye. Therefore, we ensure that they have passed all the controls and components that are not injurious to health, although there are cosmetic lines low cost but labeled as high quality; the price should not be the only factor influencing the purchase when health may be affected. Besides while acquiring cosmetics should check if there’s clearly specify the substances that are used in their productions. I recommend you to seek advice from an expert on the most suitable product either that product is better for usage or not so, you can prevent possible visual problems.

All cosmetic products must incorporate into your label list of ingredients and instructions for use without risk to health. For example, some pearly eye shadows contain pearlescent pigments can be harmful to the eyes causing styes, irritation and even conjunctivitis, also it could become chronic. Beware about cosmetic’s expiration as it is important not to use the products after twelve months of its opening, as the makeup also has an expiration date. You must also take into account makeup basic hygiene such as wash your utensils/tools with which you apply makeup or avoid using tools without sterilization. Also avoid sharing makeup and application elements with others who suffered some health issues.

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